Using a Busy Light (OLI) to Let Others Know You are On the Phone

Feb 04 2016
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With the widespread use of wireless headsets in the workplace these days, you never know when a co-worker is available or on a phone call.

Enter the busy light indicator!  Using this device, you can alert others that you are on an important phone call and avoid interruptions.

Busy Lights or On-Line Indicators (OLI) are sold everywhere by all major telephone set providers at a reasonable price.Product Details

Jabra sells the Busy Light Indicator for PRO 9400 Series for less than $40 dollars, or about $20 each if you buy a 10-pack set.

Plantronics also sells one that is compatible with their headsets that has a random blinking pattern of 5 LEDs.

Regardless of the Busy Light Indicator you buy, they all come with a long cord, long enough that you can place it in a visible place.  Just make sure the one you choose is compatible with your headset.

The light comes on as soon as you lift the headset to make a call or to answer a call and stays on until you terminate your call.

In the beginning, you may have to train your co-workers to the meaning of the blinking light, but once they know, they will automatically look at the light before they approach you with questions.

You could go cheaper and simply wear a Thinking Cap and hope not to be disturbed. But that may mess up that new haircut you are so proud off!

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