Top Network Security Predictions by WatchGuard

Dec 10 2012

WatchGuard’s team of security analysts just completed their annual list of predictions. Now, we invite you to come take a peek at the future of network security. There is enough interesting content in these predictions to break the ice with any potential customer. Then fasten your digital seat belt – 2013 is going to be quite a ride!

WatchGuard Predicts the Future of Network Security

Reposted from WatchGuard

If 2011 was the year of breaches, 2012 was the year cyber security went mainstream.

While security professionals have long understood the scope and risk of cyber threats, average computer users and general IT staff didn’t. Now, recent costly and public security breaches have changed that perspective. The increased awareness is good news, and much needed as hacktivists, organized criminals, and even nation-states continue to leverage cyber space for fun and profit. While this cyber arms race continues, please join us in our annual prediction exercise. It is our hope that these predictions will help you prepare your network defenses for a safe and secure 2013.

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