Top 5 Reasons to Move from Sage BusinessVision Accounting to Sage 300 NOW!

Recently, we told you about the promotion offered by Sage to customers moving from the legacy Sage BusinessVision Accounting (BV) system to the more modern Sage 300, whether it’s the online, cloud or the on-premise, server based version.

Many customers have taken Sage up on this awesome offer!  Why?  Mainly because it is an offer they can’t refuse!!  Mantralogix has been busy working with customers who have declared themselves ready for the change, and I wanted to highlight the top 5 reasons customers tell us they are making the move to Sage 300.

  1. Mobile

Customers interested in developing a mobile strategy for their ERP and CRM systems are having to modernize.  Think about enabling your field sales force with mobile access to the 360 degree view of your customers, including recent orders, current credit status, and full access to available inventory.  Imagine the impact this can have on productivity!  No more lost time spent on selling to a customer already on credit hold – or setting the right expectation with a client regarding inventory!

  1. Excel

Love it or hate it – Excel is here to stay.  My view – let’s embrace it!  Users are so familiar with it, and if we want to increase adoption of a new technology, the easier we can make it the better.  Being able to interact with your ERP through importing and exporting with Excel is invaluable.  No more rekeying 100’s of line items – simply organize and update!  Alternatively, bringing data into Excel for further analysis, where the user is comfortable, is something users are telling us they’ve wanted from their BV system for a long time!

  1. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) DashboardsOffice-Relocation

Presenting KPI’s in a dashboard is a really fantastic way for casual users of the system (read: executives!) to get a snapshot view into the state of the business.  What KPI’s really do is to highlight the things that are expected are either happening, and all indicators are green – or they’re not, and this would indicate an area that might require further investigation.  What a time saver! An executive or manager can make one call to the right department or an employee to get a sense of why things are off track – versus having to walk through an entire update.  KPI’s can provide laser focus!

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integration with a CRM solution is invaluable.  This integration can have an impact on productivity, not to mention overhead/labour.  With this offer, we have had at least one customer looking at the integration of their ERP and CRM systems as it will allow them to fully redeploy one full time resource to other, higher value activities!

  1. Business Growth

Does is make sense to continue doing things the same way for a $10M business as it did for a $2M business?  Probably not.  Your business has grown, expanded, and changed over the past 5-10 years, and it’s important that the technologies supporting that growth, also grow and change. Employees have new and different expectations of a company operating in 2015 than they did of a 1990’s company.  And guess what – so do your customers.  Investing in newer technology can ultimately deliver on a better customer experience – and isn’t that what it’s all about?!

The Mantralogix Migration Specialists have been busy assisting customers in making this move from the legacy Sage BV solution to Sage 300 – whichever flavour works for them.  If you are ready to talk about the next steps – give us a call at 1-866-320-8922 or visit us online!

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