Top 4 Apps that Small Business Millennials NEED to use

Aug 21 2017

In today’s world more and more Millennials are looking to be their own boss. They want the freedom to work when they want, and desire to be in control of their surroundings. They want to feel passionate and connected to their work.
According to Deloitte, by 2025, millennials will account for 75 percent of the workforce – this means big changes for SMBs across the world, since ethics, values and desires within this group are so drastically different than those of the previous generation.
The passion to grow and excel beyond the traditional comes from various sources; perhaps from the cost of living being so high these days or the fact that they want to make their hobby their main source of income, but the one thing that is certain is the need to have a strong work-life balance.
Time is of high value and importance to the Millennial workforce; doing more in less time and more efficiently to allow for more freedom, is the name of the game. Studies show that due to the high priority of time, work-life balance is the key to their hearts. While Millennials won’t balk at working past the traditional 9-5 (in fact, many of them work at different times during the day, in and out of the office) many seek out the option of working for a company with a culture that allows them to work where they please.
According to a PricewaterhouseCooper study, a whopping 64 percent of millennials would like the option to work from home while 66 percent would love to have control over their work hours. Whether you, yourself are a millennial, or you’re someone who is looking to hire a millennial, technology will be your best friend in this arena.
Let’s go beyond the Google Docs era now and take a deeper look at some tools that you can use to maximize your time, and to excel in business.

  • Sage CRM – To really manage your clients and customers you need a tool that can keep all your information about them in one place. Sage CRM or (customer relationship management software) does just that. And it’s cheap too! For only $39 a month it will turn your small business into an unstoppable machine.


  • Wrike – Wrike is a great project management tool making it easy to work remotely and manage all your “work to do’s” in one place. Get off the email train and use Wrike to collaborate and get things done faster. Starting at only $9.80 per user it is a fantastic tool.


  • Slack – Need a quick way to communicate and respond to your colleagues without having to write another email. Slack is your tool. Slack is like Skype but you are able to manage your conversations more effectively by grouping them and adding team members. Starting at $6 a month per user, this app will change the way you think about communication.


  • Sage HRMS – Step into the future when dealing with payroll and your employees. This tool integrates payroll, benefits, talent development, recruiting and employee self-service all in one, so you can focus on building a strong company culture, instead of doing paperwork. Sage HRMS helps you do more, while spending less – dollars and time. Just need payroll? Sage HRMS has flexible plans available.

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