Tips for Sage CRM customization and integration

Mar 08 2013

In this post we’ll cover some tips on Sage CRM customization and integration.

Dashboard customization

The interactive dashboard in Sage CRM is a highly-customizable workspace where you can control what information you need to be most effective in your job. Create multiple dashboards and gadgets by choosing the feeds, workflow, and actions you want to drive from your workspace – or select predefined gadgets and dashboards from templates.

The dashboard template in Sage CRM can be created by adding gadgets. The gadget templates are predefined by a System Administrator or Info Manager. A normal user can select a gadget template and add it to their dashboard. Once the gadget is on the dashboard, it can be customized to suit needs.

The following process introduces two types of gadgets for reference, Web Site gadget and RSS feed gadget.

The following screen shows the menu for creating gadgets.

sage CRM gadget


Once you select “Create Gadget”, a list of gadget types will pop up for selection. The existing gadgets in Sage CRM are:

  • Calendar Gadget
  • Chart Gadget
  • List Gadget
  • Main Menu Item Gadget
  • Notification Gadget
  • Record Summary Gadget
  • RSS Feed Gadget
  • SData List Gadget
  • SData Record Summary Gadget
  • Summary Gadget
  • Task List Gadget
  • Web Site Gadget


Web Site Gadget

Web Site Gadget is a useful tool to bring internal and external web pages onto the dashboard, such as news, blogs, or forums. It’s a simple gadget, which only needs the URL of the web page.

sage crm website gadget


RSS Feed Gadget

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is useful to keep track of information, industry trends and topics, or news from your interests. RSS contents are published as a feed, which is updated automatically. In the following steps, two examples, YouTube and Twitter RSS feeds, have been customized on the Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard, using the RSS gadget.

YouTube RSS feeds enable you easily accessing new video content and even monitoring the ratings and number of views of the videos from within the Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard. The following table shows some URLs for RSS feeds for YouTube.

A channel
A term
Several terms Basically, just type %20 to replace the space between the words.
Use the + sign to in your indicate that all terms are compulsory
A tag Just replace search by tag in the url

The following screen is an example for YouTube RSS Feeds.

sage crm rss gadget

Twitter is great for finding out what people are saying about your business or your industry on the web, and a great way to keep track of what influencers are tweeting about. You can create Twitter gadget using the table below with own terms.

A hashtag search
A user mention search
Something sent to a user
Something from a user
Standard search
Exact match”SageCRM”
Negative match
“OR” operator

The Sage CRM for Twitter add-on is also available for Twitter information accessible inside Sage CRM.
sage crm rss twitter feed gadget

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