The TPP & You: Conclusion

Jan 15 2016

This article is the final post in our series on the Trans Pacific Partnership and its impact on Canadian industries. Catch up on the others here.


It is clear that the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations are causing a stir; positive, negative, there is a lot to be considered when agreeing to trade partnerships.

When discussing the TPP, the economic impact of the agreement has yet to be seen.

Until NAFTA was agreed upon and enforced, we had no understanding of where the agreement could go. In North America, we had not seen an agreement of this scale before, and as the TPP negotiations continue, there is a lot of prospecting and uncertainty of what is to come – as is to be expected.  

Furthermore, it is clear that in some cases, the negative aspects of implementing a trade agreement of this magnitude will only serve to cripple already ailing industries. There will surely be benefits arising from innovation, licensing and standardization that will aid in filling in the blanks of where the TPP leaves off.

Currently, the biggest factor and issue with the TPP is the lack of insight into how currency volatility will be addressed. Once answered, this could ultimately give us some idea of the economic impact of the TPP.

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