The Power of Relationships – Michelle speaks out!

Sep 18 2013

paper peopleOver the years, I have read a lot of articles about strategies and ways of exceeding customer expectations or increasing customer satisfaction. I have attended several sessions that have addressed the same thing. One thing I have proven to myself is in the power of relationships – that creating and keeping a sincere relationship plays a huge factor. [break2] As per one of my former bosses’ famous quotes; ”People buy from People”. People make huge decisions engaging their emotions. I personally buy stuff from friends and relatives (sometimes regardless of the cost) because I feel that they will always give me the best. They know what I want and I believe that they can deliver that, otherwise, they will tell me that they can’t. I just have that peace of mind.

Mantralogix President, Kerry Mann, has built several partnerships for over a decade. The urge to develop a sincere relationship is something he has been doing effortlessly. It is just so natural to him and a pleasure to observe. He has developed that kind of relationship with many of our existing customers. That is a huge factor in why we have the number of loyal customers that we have. And it doesn’t end there. At Mantralogix, everyone is affected by this. It is just one of Kerry’s values that is highly contagious! Makes for a great place to work!

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