The Man Behind Mantralogix: Reflections of the Past 20 Years

I asked Mantralogix Founder & President (aka my husband and best friend) to reflect on 20 years of risk, challenges, and success! While I’ve been along for the entire ride on the peripheral, I only truly started to understand the complexities and challenges running a Small and Medium Sized (SMB) company poses when I joined at Chief Operating Officer 5 years ago. You are “Jack/ Jill” of all aspects and at times it feels like you are raising a child. Still remarkably 40% of employed Canadians work for a small business (fewer than 20 employees). Small businesses also account for about 40% of the country’s private sector GDP.

Peter Drucker once said: “Entrepreneurs innovate. Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurships. It is an act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”

So here’s his story – a true entrepreneur – the man/Mann behind Mantralogix!

It was October 11, 1995 and Kerry Mann put the finishing touches on incorporating his new business first simply known by its business number, then Mann & Associates Inc. It would be 2000 before Kerry would rename his company Mantralogix Inc.

Starting off in the 2 bedroom condo shared with his wife, Kerry had a vision to build a technology company that was different. Different because he believed technology had the power to actually improve the quality of life of others.

“Technology always excited me. Enthralled me actually. Its true power was unknown to me when I first started, not having a formal educational background in it. But I saw the potential it had in making a difference in the lives of others!”

Kerry was no stranger to running his own business. In fact, he had run many starting in his university days when he ran his own painting company. He then co-owned a manufacturing company in the Greater Toronto area which is where he first observed the impact technology can have on small business.

Being an entrepreneur has not always been easy. It has come with its fair share of trial and tribulations but Kerry was driven by 2 major goals: 1) conquering the hill of knowledge that technology embodies and 2) helping others. “The bigger the challenge something presents, the more exciting I find it. There is enough change in technology that it keeps me challenged and coming back for more!”

Kerry chose to remain an entrepreneur despite the temptation to move into the corporate world. He has valued the independence and the opportunity to never stop learning. He believes that being an entrepreneur allows you to take on challenges as and when they present themselves.

When asked what he is most proud of over the last 20 years in business Kerry quickly points to the Mantralogix team and his family. Over the course of 20 years, Kerry has employed over 35 different individuals; allowing them to provide for their families and find professional growth in a small and caring environment. What Kerry is extremely humble about is that many of the people that he has brought on were relatively new to Canada when they first started working for him. In many cases, he provided them their first professional break in their new home country and even went as far as providing loans and support for team members to buy their first car and manage through complex immigration issues.

At the same Kerry embarked on the Mantralogix journey, he married Jess and has raised 2 beautiful daughters, Baani (now age 16) and Daya (now age 11). And let’s not forget about daughter #3, now age 4 in dog years! Yes, Kerry has even provided a home for Roxy at Mantralogix!

And if this was not enough Kerry is a significant supporter of his community. From politics to community service, Kerry has leant a helping hand to many. In fact, over 20 years of business Kerry and his family (Mantra/ home) have donated in excess of $150,000 to charitable causes locally and globally.

So after 20 years of building Mantralogix what drives Kerry? His reward comes from the gratification of a happy client. Says Kerry “It’s like playing golf. You may have a few bad shots but the great ones keep you coming back for more! Mantralogix is like an emergency room. We are most likely helping people who are really in need of help. Once you feel better, you may move on and forget about how bad things were. But those that looked after you know how close to the edge you were.”

Kerry quickly shared that if he had to do it over again he would in a heartbeat. But he’d do a few things differently. He’d start with a strategic business plan and he’d make hiring and managing people a priority right from the beginning. He’d also be more planned about how he would spend his time.

When asked what advice he’d offer budding entrepreneurs Kerry says “truly understand who your customers are and what your revenue model is. Without customers and revenue you have no business”. Kerry also reflects that entrepreneurs need to learn how to ask for help.

So this is the story of one man and one company. It’s also the stuff dreams are made of. The entire Mantralogix team is very proud of what we have accomplished and couldn’t ask for a better leader than Kerry! Congratulations Kerry for being such an inspiration to so many!

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