The Cloud is the Future

Jul 30 2015

Many businesses continue to avoid moving their applications, files, and other business related items into the cloud because they dislike the idea of giving up control of their company information, or are worried about the security of their data.

Advances such as the cloud, however, continue to be improved upon, and embraced by numerous businesses who enjoy the bleeding edge of technology. In a recent survey of 200 United States based businesses that use the cloud, eighty-one percent agreed with the following statement:

Blue_Bottle_Standing_OutThe cloud has provided [us] with a competitive advantage over [our] rivals – particularly with regard to entering new markets – and has helped [us] react more quickly and effectively to change.

The survey, which polled over 1,500 executives in seven countries, notes that greater adaptability to industry change is a main driver of cloud adoption. The United States respondents reported that they most commonly utilize business management software and customer relationship management via the cloud.

Essentially, if businesses can’t or won’t …

  • respond to the emergence of new competitors
  • make effective use of digitalization
  • embrace new business models
  • adopt new products and/or services to compete more effectively

… they won’t be able to transform their business and adapt to change – and, according to the survey, “greater adaptability to industry change is now a main driver of cloud adoption in the US.”

Basically, failure to adopt cloud technology has the potential to hamper a business’s opportunity for growth. Those in leadership positions need only to do some research to see the importance of embracing new technology like the cloud.

Do you feel nervous about the process of moving your information to the cloud and learning how to use it? Contact the expert team of consultants at Mantralogix, who can guide you through this process and help you transform your business.

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