That's a Wrap: Our Best Blogs From 2014

Dec 20 2014

It’s already the end of the year and we are getting ready for 2015. That means a whole new year of helpful  resources from us to you! But, before we do that, we’d like to follow tradition and do a quick recap of our best and brightest blogs of 2014. 

1.  Inspirational Leadership (with heart!) at Sage Summit 2014  

Did you catch this blog? We discussed lessons from the 2014 Sage Summit and their keynote speakers. Relive the great times we had and what we learned here!

2.  Sage 300 ERP 2014 Release Highlights 

This blog followed our widely successful “What’s New in Sage 300 ERP 2014” post. We brought to light the most important changes that the new version of Sage 300 underwent and how to navigate through the interface. Need a brush up on Sage 300 ERP? Check out the post here. 

3.  Sage CRM Exchange Integration with Office 365

Sage CRM Exchange Integration meets Office 365. Our blog will help you worth them in together. 

4.  How to Upgrade Sage CRM to 7.2

Although Sage CRM 7.2 had been out for a year, Sage released version B this year that included improved productivity with mobile and business corporation integration. Learn more here.

5.  2014 Mantralogix Team Member of the Year!  

Mantralogix is lucky to have the team that we do. In October, we named our team member of the year – and while it was not easy to choose among the great people we have in our office, we named Jackie Qui, our Senior Developer as the Mantralogix team member of the year! Reminisce with us here. 

6.  If You Don’t Fail From Time to Time, It Means You Aren’t Taking Enough Risks!

A wise person once said, “if you’re comfortable, you’re not growing” – so, take chances, make mistakes and get messy! Read this inspirational blog on International Women’s Day and gain some insight on growing out of your fear of failure.

7.  What’s New in Sage 500 ERP 2014 Release  

Following the trend of new releases, Sage’s update of Sage 500 was something worth mentioning. Our blog showed you how to use the new features and how to access the Sage Inventory Advisor. 

8.  Who Moved my ERP? 

Our President, Kerry Mann gives us a little bit of insight into his thoughts on Sage BusinessVision and it’s capabilities in this blog that is not to be missed!

9.  Mentorship smiles on Take Our Kids to Work Day 2014

Every year, Mantralogix welcomes one grade 9 student into our offices to see the inner workings of our company. This is all part of The Learning Partnership’s annual initiative, Take Our Kids to Work Day and helps students see their options and explore different career paths. This year, we welcomed Tom to Mantralogix; see what he learned!

10.  How to Optimize Sage ERP X3 Performance?

Issues with your Sage ERP X3? We have some handy tips to help optimize it and fix some performance issues. 

It’s been an amazing year and we thank your for your readership! Happy holidays and Happy New Year! Keep tuned for more blogs and resources in 2015. 

The Mantralogix Team

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