How Technology Can Help Boost Your Productivity

Apr 04 2018
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Every business owner works tirelessly to try and encourage productivity, but when employees don’t have the right tools or training, it can affect the success of the business. To truly encourage productivity, employers need to ensure that their employees have everything they need to get their job done. Luckily, technology is advancing to the point where it can be used to help maximize workflow.

Automate What You Can

Automation tools can do wonders for your business. In the past it’s already been noted to reduce training costs, better monitor staff, encourage employees to work efficiently, and improve the overall level of quality of work. This is because when certain tasks are automated, it allows employees to re-prioritize what needs to be done, the time that it may take to complete it and whether or not the assignments are done correctly. So the slight change of implementing a software that automatically performs a portion of a job, or notifies you of useful information can drastically change your employees workday and workload. Software such as Acumatica is a great start for small to mid-sized companies who want to begin to grow their business and unlock their potential. Not only does it allow your team to automate common administrative tasks and set up reminders, but it also automates the data storage and backup process.

Set Up Reminders

Staying productive is a lot easier when you have a reminder about what you should be doing. Not only does this help staff stay efficient as they’re able to delegate time and effort to complete assignments correctly, but it helps to ensure work is, in fact, finished promptly. With the right software, you can input specific details and information about what your task is and even make notes about what the task entails. Whether it’s to remind you to reorder products when your inventory is low, or submit time-sensitive documents, your business can only do better by setting up reminders.

Access To Information

Productivity is only possible when you have all the information you need at your fingertips. To encourage this in your office and allow your team to be efficient, you need to ensure that they gain access to any information that they need at any time. For the most part, this requires servers and networks which allows each employee to access data from anywhere. While many businesses have already migrated to the cloud, it can’t be stressed enough how every business needs to consider using it. As times are changing with remote working and flexible work hours becoming the norm, it’s essential that you provide your team, no matter where they’re located, with the resources they need.

Planned Reviews And Maintenance

In order for your business to work productivity and seamlessly, you have to make sure that the tools, resources, and protocols that staff use are still efficient and relevant. Meaning, you have to periodically take the time to review all of this to ensure your employees have what they need to work. This first begins with reviewing their tasks and the current tools that they use to see if anything can be streamlined or upgraded with new technology or software. As technology advances, businesses can often use new tools to help eliminate or fast-track the completion of specific time-consuming tasks. And while you’re taking the time to review this portion of your business, it’s also important to mention that you should take the time to plan system maintenance so updates won’t interfere with your employee’s productivity. Mainly to attempt to prevent system updates or bugs that could cause workday interruptions.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for companies to reevaluate how productive their business is and how it could become more efficient. Whether the focus is to streamline operations, ensure that time-sensitive tasks are being completed, or adopt new technologies to make certain jobs easier, it’s simple to see that as technology changes, so does the way that an employee works. Regardless of how you think you need to improve the productivity in your office, contact our Mantralogix Support Team today! We’ll work hard to show you how technology could help you increase and motivate productivity in your business!

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