Take Our Kids to Work Day 2013 at Mantralogix

The Mantralogix team is super excited about our visitor, Mantaj, coming to spend the day with us this Wednesday for The Learning Partnership’s Take Our Kids to Work™ day. This is The Learning Partnership’s signature program involving more than 250,000 Grade 9 students annually.   The program is now in its 19th year and provides grade 9 students with the opportunity to experience and learn about the world of work as they begin to explore possible career paths.
More than 250,000 Grade nine students and at least 75,000 businesses and organizations nationwide participate in Take Our Kids to Work day annually. The Learning Partnership began running this program in 1994 in Ontario and it has since grown into a national program that reaches students in all provinces and territories across the country.
Research suggests that today’s students will have multiple careers over the span of their working years. They will need to master both new technologies and complex social and organizational systems.  They will also need to be prepared with the educational tools and experiences that will be necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace.
Mantaj has sent us this short bio in advance so we can make sure we target the day toward her needs!
“I’m 14 years old, and my birthday is on the 19th of September. I started going to a public school called Applewood Heights this year. My favourite subjects in school are English and Art. I enjoy these because imagination and creativity plays a big role in these subjects. I am able to reflect my own personality and creativity onto a canvas. My hobbies vary from reading to social media (facebook etc). Reading helps me interact with my inner thoughts as well improving my English skills. With technology improving at a fast pace, it is important to keep in touch with the latest trends. I enjoy going on social media sites because I can communicate with my classmates and also get to know what’s going on around in the world. At Mantralogix I am hoping to achieve skills that will help me in my future career pathway such as strong communication and lateral thinking. “ 
Benefits of Take Our Kids to Work
For students, it’s an opportunity to:

  •  Understand the importance of staying in school by learning first-hand what skills are required in today’s workplace.
  •  Start exploring career options in a practical way and gain a better understanding of just how many career choices are open to them.
  •  Develop an appreciation for their parents’ careers and roles in supporting their families.

Mantralogix is excited about participating in the program as a host business for the 2nd year now.  Not only do we love sharing what we do with others but we are excited about helping students in their career development research!  And who knows….maybe one day we might have the opportunity to employ one of these great students!  We hope to continue to be an employer of choice for many years to come!

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