Our summer student loves Sage CRM!

I believe that every experience we are lucky to have in life is capable of giving you a new realm of understanding about yourself and the world around you. Working at Mantralogix this summer was no different. As a student about to start first year at the University of Waterloo for Systems Design engineering I was looking for an opportunity to work in a technology oriented business and broaden my software experience. This opportunity at Mantralogix allowed me to learn a new, useful skill, Sage CRM, and to be immersed in an environment similar to what I may experience during my co-op terms. It gave me a better understanding of the world I would likely be a part of as a systems design engineer.
My role as a summer student was to help customize Sage CRM, organize the contacts for import, and help implement the program into everyone’s daily work routine.  I started working in May and quickly realized two things; everyone is very excited and eager to get CRM up and running, and all the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. CRM is a customer relationship management program that helps facilitate communication amongst staff members and keeps track of all interactions with customers. It helps organize all the staff member’s opportunities, leads, emails, and communications in one place and gives all their coworkers access to them. My job was to get it up and running perfectly by September 1 before I go back to school. I initially started with organizing each employees contact list so that the phone numbers, addresses and names were in the perfect format for upload to CRM. I helped with the process of customizing CRM so that it was capable of doing everything Mantralogix needed. I took a break from work to get knee surgery and then when I was well again, I began working from home. I was amazed at how helpful all the staff members were when I asked them to go through their contacts and make changes; adding more work to their already full plates.  When I returned to work in late July, ready to import the contacts and clean up the database, I was greeted with such warmth and an eager welcome.
Even though I was just a summer student with very minimal qualifications I was immediately treated as a pivotal member of the team and this pushed me to work even harder and meet my deadline. I was at Mantralogix for just over a month up until August 28. During this time my main job was to clean up CRM and ensure the information for each customer was accurate and complete. Once CRM was clean and perfectly organized I did my best to help my coworkers familiarize themselves with CRM and answered any questions they had about the system and how to perform a variety of tasks. Over my few months at Mantralogix I am proud that I successfully completed my task and hopefully CRM will be a huge asset to this company and everyone will be able to integrate it into their daily routine.
The Mantralogix team is full of so many bright minds, skilled workers and creative thinkers but I think what sets us apart is our diversity. There is such a variety of cultures and lifestyles that we are the embodiment of multiculturalism.  I remember walking in on a group having lunch in the kitchen area one day and they were discussing their different cultures. They were talking about what fast food restaurants, like McDonalds and KFC, were like in their own countries.  Not only do you learn immense amounts from your job at Mantralogix but even from the conversations with our fellow employees. It’s a beautiful sight when we see people from all over the world with different accents and understandings sitting at a table and conversing and that is the essence of Mantralogix.
I am extremely grateful for my opportunity at Mantralogix. I have learned so much about technology, professional etiquette and about my own strengths. I will definitely use this experience to help build my professional life and carry everything I have learned with me into the future. Even after learning so much and enjoying the amazing work environment, at Mantralogix there is still nothing better than the wonderful cake celebrations that come with everyone’s birthdays!

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