Streamlining Best Practices with ERP Workflow

Dec 23 2015
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In every business situation requiring a decision, management is tasked with determining an appropriate response. Every business develops a set of policies and procedures to maximize decision-making efficiency because even the most attentive managers cannot be expected to handle all issues individually. However, every business owner wants to ensure that all aspects of their business utilize appropriate action to help reach peak efficiency.

The Benefits of Streamlining Best Practices

Employees need to follow a procedure in each aspect of their work. Constantly consulting a manager about proper protocol, however, is overly time-consuming, especially in a larger organization. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) workflow is a great tool to improve the process of following procedures as well as being more efficient and consistent. With this type of software, you can list important and common tasks along with appropriate actions and responses. Combined with good employees and knowledge of best practices, an ERP system is a boon to any company.

Informing Appropriate Parties with Automated Alerts

work flowWhen an account becomes overdue, a vendor order is delayed, or important business conditions change, you need a reliable method for informing all appropriate parties. Sage X3 is an ERP workflow solution that makes this easy with automation. With user-defined events and user-defined alerts, you can set the system up to pass along important information however, whenever, and to whomever you wish.

An Effective Way to Reduce Costs

Being able to make the right decision promptly can help an organization keep an important client, receive the correct order from a vendor, and remain in compliance with regulations. With the information collected and sorted by your ERP system, these decisions become easier which, in turn, can reduce the financial costs and save the time that would be lost to reconciling mistakes.

Proper Procedures in All Branches and Departments

Growing organizations need to follow proper procedures throughout the entire business. All employees should be aware of and trained on those procedures and, to improve workflow and efficiency, use an ERP to ensure accuracy and consistency. With Sage X3, you can do this and more.

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