Strategy for Leveraging Business Intelligence

Jan 14 2016
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Value of Business Intelligence

Many enterprises of varying sizes have implemented sophisticated business systems to assist them in running their day-to-day operations. Such systems encompass functionality of great value to the company in the areas of CRM, HRMS, ERP, and others.

business intelligenceMany of these systems are highly functional in their specific areas and generate considerable amounts of data. What they may be lacking is the ability to creatively and effectively turn this data into useful information that facilitates informed decision making for the business.

Valuable information is imbedded within these systems that can be utilized to analyze customer purchasing trends, evaluate vendor performance, track employee performance, and chart company financial results. Knowing your data is the leading factor in determining how you can transform it into useful information – business intelligence.

Leveraging Business Intelligence for Strategic Advantage

While some software applications include reporting tools to extract and format data for specific purposes, few systems can anticipate the particular uses that companies may find for data analysis. It may also be necessary to extract data from disparate systems in order to provide meaningful information.

With business intelligence tools and an effective knowledge of your data you can generate information that can be leveraged for many business advantages:

  • Evaluate production data for potential efficiency improvements and cost reductions
  • Study vendor delivery and quality results to negotiate better purchasing terms or resolve problems
  • Analyze customer service call statistics to determine how you can provide more effective handling of problems and improve customer satisfaction
  • Review your own shipment information to look for ways to improve on-time shipments
  • Drill into inventory data to discover opportunities to reduce waste and carrying costs

Creativity will allow you to discover nearly unlimited ways that you can leverage the data in your business systems to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

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