Feature enhancements for Sage 500 (MAS500) 2013

Nov 28 2012

With the release of the Sage 500 (MAS500) 2013 there are some new and exciting long awaited features that will help with maximizing the software benefits. Here’s a summary of the enhancements you can expect with the new version release:
Accounting and Finance

ACH Remittance Advices:  The new task “Print ACH Remittance” has been added so now hard copy of the advices can be printed for confirmation and audit purposes.

Import Cash Receipts: A new import entity has been added to the “Maintain Import Job” in DIM (Data Import Manager). This would be very useful where there are transactions like EFT, Lock Boxes and third part web pages.

Track Miscellaneous Cash Receipts: Enhancement has been made to the reports and explorer views to include miscellaneous cash receipts to provide better visibility

Bank Reconciliations: The Reconciliation window is now re-sizable and also now there is ability to reprint the reconciliation register

Period end processing: Ability to lock or unlock postings to individual sub-ledgers by fiscal year and period has been added in “Set up Fiscal calendar”. This will prevent posting to past or future periods.

Credit Card Processing

Reduce Fraud exposure: Ability to store credit card information in secure cloud based Sage Exchange vault will reduce fraud exposure. Also now one time use of credit card is permitted without saving the credit card information. Customers migrating from previous versions will be able to easily move the credit card information from their current location into secure Sage exchange Vault

Additional Payment entry options: Additional payment entry options to make payment processing easier and faster including:

  • Card Swipe Capabilities
  • Mobile Payments
  • ACH receivables

Sales and Pricing

Copy Sales order/Quote to New customer : Ability to copy an order/ quote and assign a new customer with option to re-price the order based on changes and include customer Purchase order number

Pricing Change: New Tasks in Inventory management to update the pricing  on the Price base type  and data selection criteria

  • Changes may be applied to Item Standard Price, Item Standard Cost, List Price, Price sheet, replacement cost
  • The adjustment method, amount or percentage can be set and applied to the records in the grid
  • Once the application is complete, the results can be viewed for accuracy , validated and/or edited in excel before the changes are applied
  • There are 3 new views specific to pricing

Shipping by Smart Linc : A web based  fully scalable shipping system that can be deployed at single location or multiple locations


Ability to use Non-inventory items in routings and BOM: Non-Inventory items with quantity, UOM and cost can be included in routings/ work orders on material steps, outside processing steps and other steps. Costs can be overridden at the time of setup and are added to WIP

Ability to Back flush setup hours: Setup hours can now be set to back flush

Ability to delete or cancel work orders: Work order created in error can now be deleted  or cancelled under “Maintain Work order” as long as there is no transaction posted against it

Ease of Use in day to day operations

Visual Process flows: These HTML pages show the workflow of a process and also include links to associated task along the way. There are number of predefined processes and also an easy tool that allows design of workflow as desired

Multiple email recipients for document transmittals: Ability to assign multiple recipients of documents  and also define who gets what document in “Maintain Vendor” and “Maintain Customer”

Keyword replacement during document transmittal: The email can be customized with keyword replacement

Sage 500 Keyword enhancement

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