Sage X3 Reports – Requestor tool

Oct 02 2014

Sage X3 provides various methods to fetch information/ get reporting you may need. The Requester tool allows you to choose what data to extract and how to view it. The Requestor is a function that is used to create the inquiry screens that are used to display the results of the requests carried out on the database. It operates by temporary extraction of the data in a table, then running an inquiry on this table. The inquiry can then be made at several levels of detail, defined by successive page breaks. The temporary table enables us to keep the results of the last query run on the database.

Sage X3 has three Requester tools for creating reports:

  1. Query tool
  2. Graphical Requester
  3. SQL Query tool

The reports can be found on the Set Up Usage Reports menu.


  1. Query tool

The Query tool Requestor allows you to select the tables and fields to be displayed using the grid. The Fields Tab is to select the tables from where the information is extracted, select the columns, set the range, group and sort columns. The code and Title for the Query tool is given here. The Advanced Tab allows you to give the selection criteria and links. The Access Tab is for assigning access code for the report. The Graph Tab is where you can specify how to represent the data, such as Character or Graph.



  1. Graphical Requester
    The Graphical Requester gives you the ability to drag and drop the tables, fields and create joins. Links between the tables can be added by dragging the mouse between the table’s fields.

The Add a new expression field button launches the Formula Entry screen where enter a formula from existing fields, variables, operators, and functions.


  1. SQL Query tool

The SQL Query Tool is where a developer or a person with SQL language can create SQL queries to fetch data from the database. Complex select statements by joining multiple tables can be written using this tool.

More reports can be created using Crystal Reports and loaded to X3.


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