Sage X3 Product Update 9: What you need to know!

May 30 2016


In February 2016, Sage released the Sage X3 Product Update 9.  This update comes with new features and enhancements to help the Sage X3 customers better manage their businesses and improve productivity.


The main functional improvements in update 9 include manufacturing, distribution and finance and cover the following specific areas:

  • User interface, navigation, and productivity
  • Mobility
  • Version management
  • Change control management
  • Distribution
  • Sales
  • Fixed assets
  • Technical
  • Finance and compliancy

Notable new features

User interface, navigation, and productivity

Breadcrumbs and new keyboard shortcuts make for a simplified and faster navigation. Microsoft Office integration improvements increase productivity. Tooltips on icons and truncated text make the user interface interactive and much easier to understand.



Sage X3 Product Update 9 comes with a new redesigned user interface for mobile devices, which are easily compatible with different devices like smartphones and tablets. This provides better screen layouts and simplified navigation. The new web mobile client has offline capabilities as well! A new mobile app is now available to track and manage fixed assets.


Version management

With the new version management functionality, all changes to products and bill of materials are fully traceable and only done by authorized users.


Change control management

Now in Sage X3, authorized users can make changes, test the potential impact of the change, and then send the change for approval.



New functionality optimizes logistics through the management of suppliers, containers and shipments. Users can now view container capacities by provider, free freight levels, minimum and maximum orders. With this new functionality, freight costs can be optimized by purchasing based on order costs and ordering based on container capacity. The ability to see other products and options offered by a supplier helps increase purchasing and shipping efficiencies. Shipping costs can be reduced by maximizing each shipment from a supplier. Sage X3 Product Update 9 supports universal and secure EDI data exchanges for sales and purchases.



Sage X3 Product Update 9 comes with several Sales enhancements on the functionality of credit level, inter-site and price on sales order, sales tax for invoicing elements and credit card processing.


Fixed Assets

The Physical assets sub-module in the Fixed Assets module has been transformed now with new features and improvements. The physical assets management inventory process previously available in Fixed assets, has been removed and replaced by a new mobile app.



Sage X3 customers can now switch infrastructure for example from on premise to cloud without disruption in data access and functionality. Updates and patches can now be performed with a single click or drag and drop functionality for ZIP files.


Finance and compliancy

For users who outsource payment collections from their customers, the Factoring management improvement allows for the automation of the factoring process providing more flexibility and accuracy. Sage X3 Product Update 9 comes with compliance updates for Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Spain.



Should you require more information on the Sage X3 Product Update 9, have questions or need assistance upgrading your current Sage X3 version to update 9, please feel free to contact our Sage X3 team at 1-866-320-8922 or email us at [email protected].

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