Sage X3 Cuts Costs Across the Board

Keeping on top of all the steps in the manufacturing cycle can be challenging and it’s even more difficult when relying on legacy software like Microsoft Word, Office, and Excel. The data in documents, spreadsheets, and emails is difficult to share with everyone who needs access to it, and eventually the practice will likely lead to loss of profits.

In the discrete manufacturing industry, errors can be caught before they leave the warehouse and a widget can be pulled out, fixed, and put back. The gaps in information and the inability to collaborate among decision makers in industries such as the food and beverage sector cause problems that cannot be fixed after the fact. This makes it especially important to catch errors before they occur.

Why is this the case? Because foods and beverages are made from raw materials in what’s known as ‘process manufacturing.’ Once a process has been completed, reconfigurations are no longer possible, as the raw materials have been combined in such a way that they cannot be returned to their original state. If the incorrect amount of gas is added to a batch of soft drinks, for example, the whole batch of incorrectly made soda is unusable.

With the implementation of Sage X3 software in the process-manufacturing sector, data is available to anyone who needs it, from wherever they are. The information is updated in real-time, so if the amount of gas being added to a batch of soda changes, that change is immediately noted. Given the transparency of the data numerous people have the opportunity to see the change and to correct it before a whole batch of soft drinks becomes unusable.

Sage X3 also makes it easy to conduct preventive maintenance on equipment, which is done by entering a piece of equipment’s information, such as its serial number, warranty information, and instruction manual information. By keeping a history of repairs and other maintenance, Sage X3 can help you keep track of when equipment was last serviced and when it should be serviced again.

This feature can prevent downtime, which is costly. If a conveyor belt breaks down, for example, employees are standing around waiting for it to be fixed.  The maintenance team has to be called in, taking those employees away from the job they were working on, the order that was being prepared is halted, and the shipping schedule may be disrupted.

If the preventive maintenance fails and that conveyor belt still breaks down, line workers can immediately contact a manager or supervisor, regardless of their location, as Sage X3’s mobile technology offers real-time status reports on the go. No matter where they are, employees have access to the same data they would have access to at the plant, as long as they have an internet connection. As a result, immediate requisitioning of parts and allocation of maintenance personnel can be readily initiated, getting the conveyor belt up and running as quickly as possible.

In short, the Sage X3 suite is a proven cost-cutter. It tracks the processes used to make products, provides a preventive maintenance schedule, and offers mobile access for traveling employees. Ultimately, this platform provides many opportunities to improve overall profitability. View customer reviews and experiences for X3 /blog/sage-erp-x3-version-7-customer-reviews

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