Sage PFW Migration to Sage ERP X3

As we come closer to the phasing out of Sage PFW, many businesses are looking for Sage PFW alternatives and migrating to another Sage ERP solution.  Most mid-sized businesses in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Service industries opt to migrate to Sage ERP X3.
Even with having a solution to migrate to, it becomes challenging to figure out how to do the Sage PFW migration, and especially without losing any of the data stored within the existing system. Mantralogix has invested into research and development to help automate the migration of most of your data from Sage PFW to Sage ERP X3 by creating the PFW – X3 Migrator!
pfw to x3 migrator
We’re helping Sage PFW businesses migrate to Sage ERP X3 by assisting them with installation, implementation and migration of data from Sage PFW to Sage ERP X3.  The PFW-X3 Migrator converts the data into a CSV file to facilitate smooth migration of data from PFW to Sage ERP X3.
Some of the key benefits you can look forward to in using the PFW-X3 Migrator include:

  • Eliminate time and effort consuming steps to prepare data for migrating from PFW to X3
  • Keep the historical information available in Sage ERP X3
  • Migrate only the data you need

As different businesses have varying preferences on the amount of data to migrate, our tool has the option of selecting the data for migration based on the date range.  And as developers of this tool, we can accommodate further customizations to the data migration based on your specific business requirements.
What are some of the challenges you’re facing in migrating from Sage PFW? Have you decided on an alternative? What considerations are you giving to protect your data loss in the process?
Our ERP team at Mantralogix is certified and fully equipped to set up your business with Sage ERP solutions including Sage EXP X3.  Give us a call at 1-866-320-8922 if you’re looking to migrate from Sage PFW to an alternate ERP system, and we can help you through the process!
Enjoy the new technology!

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