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Feb 17 2016


Sage Intelligence Reporting has brought about a much-needed change in financial reporting for users of Sage Business Management Solutions (BMS). The older Financial Reporter (FR) is mainly used for financial reporting related to pulling numbers from the General Ledger (GL).

report_in_screenThe reports are designed using FR commands that few accounting professionals are familiar with, resulting in most organizations having to spend a lot of money in report customization. In addition, the reports that can be designed are limited as they are based on GL data only. Due to this, many organizations are still relying on Microsoft® Excel® or other third party products to meet most of their reporting needs beyond basic financial reporting.


Sage Intelligence Reporting pulls data from your entire Sage BMS and presents it in Excel. This makes Intelligence Reporting easy to use, as most accounting professionals are familiar with Microsoft Excel. Once the data is in Excel, you can then create reports and analyze the data as needed, including through charts and graphs using Excel tools. Drill down functionality is also available in Intelligence Reporting.

Intelligence Reporting is for all levels of reporting, ranging from simple reports such as aged payables, to complex reporting such as performing financial statements consolidations. In addition, in Intelligence Reporting you can create dashboards, which are especially useful for management as they provide an overview of the business activities and metrics such as profit and loss snapshot, top five customers, top five items, top five salespersons, revenue by month, and so forth.

For most Sage BMS’s, Intelligence Reporting comes shipped with standard reports that are ready to use, or you can easily customize them using the pre-built templates to suit your needs. You can also build your own reports as needed. It is possible to convert reports from the older Financial Reporter to Intelligence Reporting formats. Intelligence Reporting works with Excel 2007 or higher.

With Sage Intelligence Reporting, there is improved reporting across the entire business, helping decision makers make more informed business decisions.

Contact us at Mantralogix and we will be happy to discuss with you how Sage Intelligence Reporting can improve your reporting and help you make better business decisions. Our phone number is 1-866-320-8922.

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