Sage Intelligence New Report Designer Add-In: Simple and Powerful

Mar 13 2013

Sage introduced Sage Intelligence as a replacement for FRx over a year ago.  Sage Intelligence provides access to critical information and enables easy graphical financial report generation.  The Report Designer makes complex reporting easy via simple the drag and drop of financial report pieces into Excel.
report designer 1
Being an Excel based reporting tool, users can leverage on this area of expertise and take full control of all design aspects of reporting layout.
The Report Designer Add-In is the latest addition to the existing Report Designer module within Sage Intelligence Reporting.  This Add-In enhances the already powerful reporting capabilities of Report Designer and provides maximum flexibility and control over report layout.  It enables financial report design from scratch using Excel.  It further simplifies the report creation in excel by building a report piece by piece.
The new Add-In breaks down the report into reusable pieces and allow the users to pick and fit pieces together to design the desired report. These pieces are Excel functions which communicate with a new In-Memory processing engine which guarantees enhanced performance.
The Task Pane contains the report pieces that can be dragged and dropped to the report area.  This can be List, Formula, or Tree.
Lists can be used to view some of the key information, for example, account numbers and budget codes.  Using the wildcards, pulling of information is even more flexible.
report designer 2
Formula allows retrieval of financial data.  The excel function arguments window can be used to provide the parameters necessary to pull the desired financial information.  The parameters provided serve as formula drivers that will enable generation of correct results.
report designer 3
The reporting tree allows you to model a reporting structure based on organization’s hierarchical structure.  Sage Intelligence Reporting allows you to easily add or change reporting units without requiring a change to your financial data.
report designer 4
Above and beyond what has been said above, Sage Intelligence Reporting also provides the ability to drill down to view the detail of the data being returned by a formula.  This enables a more interactive reporting tool that enables the user to investigate on the financial details while analyzing the financial results.

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