Sage Intelligence File Publish Quick Guide

May 12 2016

We love sharing tips and tools! Here is a great one for Sage Intelligence.Report Distribution is a handy feature in Sage Intelligence that saves you time and effort by helping you distribute reports. One way to do this in Sage Intelligence is by publishing the file, or in simple terms, saving the file(s) to a specific location. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to quickly setup a Report Distribution via File Publish.

  1. Run the Report.

  2. From the BI Tools ribbon, select Manage Instructions.


  1. Click Add. Enter a Distribution Name and select OK


  1. Select File Publish Tab.

  2. Toggle Enable File Publish Checkbox. Select the folder where the file will be saved. Enter the File name and select the File Format. The file may be saved in the format available, as shown below. Click OK.



  1. From the BI Tools ribbon, click Select Instructions.


  1. Highlight the Instruction you want to include from Available Instructions box and click SI.png to transfer each to Instructions In Use. Highlight each item in Instructions in Use list and select the worksheets to be included in the distribution for each Instruction.



  1. Click OK to save.

Tip: To automatically generate report(s), add a Scheduler Command and select Send all selected distribution instructions when this workbook is automatically scheduled using a scheduler command from the Select Instructions window.

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