Sage Foundation Announces Sage Live Nonprofit

At Mantralogix, we make it a priority to give back. From Eden Food Banks to taking part in Riders Against Hunger, we have built a sense of charity and look to support the good that is happening in our communities, and our world at large. Why do we do this? We believe, that as an organization, it’s necessary to give back to a community that has given us so much.

This is why we’re so happy to work alongside Sage, who has just launched their new accountancy software that is specifically designed for non-profit organizations. Sage will offer free licenses to qualifying charities, allowing them access to Sage Live Non-Profit, a program built out of the Salesforce App Cloud, which also was launched this month.


In an effort to make cloud use universal, Sage said in a statement that it aims to “give non-profits access to cloud technology and tools tailored to their needs.” Sage, who is looking to build on market and customer experience, has designed this new product to give non-profits “access to cloud accounting technology and tools tailored to their needs, including; balance sheet, Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA) reporting, general processing and fund management capabilities.”[1]


How does it work?

Eligible charities will be granted two donated Sage Live user licences via the Sage Foundation. Need more? The Sage Foundation will provide extra licenses at a 50 per cent reduction in price.


Sandra Campopiano, Sage’s Chief People Officer, said: “We understand the tremendous pressures that non-profits deal with in managing operations, often with limited resources and personnel. At Sage we are focused on innovations that will make their lives easier by being able to better manage funds and finances, so they can concentrate efforts where they’re needed most.

This announcement is just the beginning of Sage’s new commitment to building accessible and innovative solutions to better support companies and leaders in running and planning their businesses.


Are you eligible?

How do you find out if you’re eligible? Simple! Check your eligibility for donated and discounted Sage solutions HERE or contact us today!

Sage Foundation is powered by the ‘2+2+2’ model. Through this, Sage Foundation donates 2 percent of employee time each year (5 volunteer days), 2 percent of free cash flow in grants and 2 donated user licenses to eligible partners. Sage Foundation aims to transform lives by creating sustainable, social, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities for local communities — helping more people reach their fullest potential.


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