Sage CRM 7.2 Now Available

Apr 28 2013

We are excited to announce that as of April 24, 2013, the latest version of Sage CRM 7.2 stand alone is now available.

What’s New in Sage CRM 7.2 Stand Alone Version?

Increase Your Customer Insight Using Social Media

  • Sage CRM Collaboration, powered by Yammer, brings the power of Yammer’s secure, private social network for your company right into the heart of Sage CRM. Sage CRM users will be able to post updates, activate news feeds, and view Yammer topics on Sage CRM customers.
  • A simple Facebook integration is designed to give businesses an insight into their contacts’ and companies’ exposure on Facebook and to be able to search for and save these details from within the Sage CRM interface.

Take Advantage of New Mobility Options

  • A new iPhone app that is specifically designed for sales users on the road who need up-to-date information on their phone (even when out of coverage.)
  • iPad support—Sage CRM v7.2 is now optimized for iPad use, giving mobile users access to all CRM features just like their “desktops.”
  • Windows® 8 compatibility and support on Windows 8 devices—Sales Tracker gives mobile users access to Sage CRM sales and contact data on the road using Windows 8 tablet devices.

Enhanced Reporting

  • Once you have created a great report, you can now easily clone and repurpose it for a new report. Report building has been improved with columns alphabetically sorted in your local language. With version 7.2 nonadmin users can also easily remove the Export to PDF/CSV/Excel options.
  • In the latest version, FusionCharts are generated in HTML 5, so no Flash installation is required. New chart types have been added to Sage CRM, and a FusionWidgets library is now also available. FusionWidgets can be used by business partners and developers to create custom charts and elements for advanced data visualization.

Improved Reminders and Notifications

  • On-screen notifications no longer interrupt the user’s current task. Instead, a clear notifications area is available at the top of the screen, which shows the number of active notifications. Users can expand or hide their current notifications and choose to snooze or clear individual or all notifications.

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