Sage and Salesforce announce global strategic partnership

May 14 2015

This article is a recent press release issued by The Sage Group. View the original release here

Today, Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage, and Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce, announced that Sage and Salesforce have developed a global strategic partnership. View press release.

With this partnership, we are excited to announce that Sage is building a new solution called “Sage Life” on the Salesforce1 platform, the world’s #1 enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), which will allow SMBs to run their businesses completely in the cloud. Sage and Salesforce plan to jointly market Sage Life to fast-growing small companies worldwide.

Sage Life overview
Sage Life is a unique cloud business solution that is socially-powered with a mobile control center that defines a new area of social business and real-time accounting. Sage Life completely changes the way businesses operate—unleashing entrepreneurs to work how, where, and when they want. It gives them real-time information on any device—from smart watch to smart phone. They can see every position in real time and action information with colleagues, partners, and suppliers—just like they do their friends and followers.

Sage Life is not an ERP, it’s a cloud business solution—allowing businesses to reconcile their back office and front office to create one collaborative, social, and vibrant office. It enables entrepreneurs to run their business from their smart phones. This requires rethinking accounting processes like data entry and batch processing. For instance, batch processes are reimagined as real-time data feeds with bulletproof validation, reconciliation, monitoring, and exception processes to ensure accuracy and proper controls. This enables business owners, managers, and accountants to see their real-time results on their smart phones, smart watches, and mobile devices.

Look for more details on Sage Life in the coming weeks.

Sage Life availability
Sage Life is a global product and will be become available in the U.S. this summer.

How can I participate?
As we introduce Sage Life into the market, Sage will initially sell Sage Life directly to customers and ensure their success by working with them to continue rapid innovation. However, there will be incredible consulting and service opportunities starting this summer for partners who offer consulting or accounting services. For partners who also want to sell Sage Life, we will build on our long tradition of working with partners and extend distribution later on.

Consequently, it is important to note that Sage Life is an addition to our rich product portfolio and doesn’t replace any existing product. Our existing Sage products are very important to the continued success of our customers, and we are continuing to develop new releases to serve our customers for life. In addition, we will continue our other investments in cloud platforms. In a market with over 70 million potential businesses to serve, multiple technology approaches will enable us to move at the speed of now to build an expanding community of customers, partners, and service providers.

Sage is leading the way in reimagining the future of small businesses and we are thrilled about the opportunities ahead. Please review the Sage Life FAQ for more information. In addition, we will be communicating more details on Sage Life in the coming weeks. Thank you for your on-going partnership!

Best regards,

Rich Spring
EVP and Chief Revenue Officer
Sage North America

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