Sage 300 migrations from PFW

Dec 18 2013

As you know Sage PFW ERP will be retired soon and so will related support. This means migration from PFW to a new ERP system will become quite a demanding job. Fortunate for all of us Sage has developed a nice tool for the migration called the Sage ERP Migrator. Migrations can successfully be done to several different ERP systems, including Sage 300 and Sage ERP X3.

The Sage ERP Migrator (SEM) tool is designed to migrate Sage ERP source data from the retiring system to the new Sage ERP destination database. The tool could be used for migrating financial data from PFW to Sage 300 ERP – Master files for Multi-Currency (if using Multi-Currency in source ERP system), Master file for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Book, and General Ledger, Open Accounts Receivables Transactions (Open Invoices and Credit Notes and Unapplied Receipts), Open Accounts Payable Transactions (Open Invoices and Unapplied Payments), and Up to Seven Years of General Ledger Historical Data and Open General Ledger Balances. It could also meet just the most basic requirements during the migration process.

As a highly specialized technology company, we have used the SEM tool for customer migrations already. We also have received many special requirements beyond the above capabilities of the SEM tool. Some customers want to have more than 7 years of GL transaction history. Some need the AP or AR transaction history in the new ERP system. Others have more than 60 companies/databases to be migrated from PFW to Sage 300.

In response our migration team has created solutions for these special requirements and applied them successfully in the migration process for our customers. The first solution is to extract the data from PFW and save the data in an Excel file with the import template for importing to Sage 300. This solution could be used for migrating the AR and AP transaction history for a single company. The second solution is to extract the data from PFW and save it to Sage 300 directly. This solution could be used for migrating more than 7 years of GL transaction history for multiple companies, and migrating the AR and AP transaction history directly. The second solution saves alot of migration time, especially for those with large transactions and long history periods.

Our migration solutions have been applied successfully for many customers with limited budgets. We are so proud of our team’s accomplishments and so thankful we have customers who entrust their technology needs to us. You inspire us to continue innovating and to develop more and more creative solutions!

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