Sage 300 ERP Quick Data Entry Features

Jan 15 2014

Want to reduce data entry?  Want to reduce data errors?  Want to be more efficient at work? This blog is for you!
Data entry can be a tedious job, mostly because it can be so repetitive. Anything you can do to speed it up and to reduce keystrokes is useful. This blog post covers a number of Sage 300 features that can help you to work more efficiently.
Sage 300 ERP includes variety of productivity features to help you enter data very quickly and efficiently like keyboard shortcuts, good default field values and hiding unused fields.
The Sage 300 ERP Help file contents displays all the keyboard shortcuts. Below is part of the keyboard shortcuts section from the online help:




Quick Mode
Since version 5.4, there is a feature called Quick Mode that is available in either the AP or AR invoice screen.
This feature allows you to copy fields from the existing entry or detail to new entries or details. Here’s how this feature works using the A/P Invoice screen.  If you open the A/P Invoice Entry screen, there is the option to select Quick Mode under the Settings menu.


When you click Quick Mode on the Settings menu, a separate form appears that lets you select Quick Mode settings.

  • To copy header fields to new transactions in the batch you are working on, select Use Quick Mode For Entries, then specify the entry fields you want to copy.
  • To copy detail fields to new details in the transaction you are working on, select Quick Mode For Lines, then specify the detail fields you want to copy.

When you start a new entry or detail, fields from the previous transaction or detail are copied to the new transaction or detail, so you don’t have to re-enter them.


If you create a new entry for Vendor 1200 and enter “Sample Description” in the Description field for Entry Number 1 and click Add.


Entry Number 2 will automatically prefill the Vendor Number and Description information from the previous entry.


Let’s explore the option to copy line details by selecting the Quick Mode For Lines option. In this example we’ve decide to copy Description and G/L Account information.

When you create an A/P invoice and press the INSERT key after adding the first line entry, you will notice Description and the G/L Account are copied over to the next line detail.


A/P Invoice Entry and A/R Invoice Entry will be setup the same way.
The Quick Mode function is very similar to Sales and Purchase Orders Templates that you use to automatically fill in fields in the transaction-entry with the information and selections you use most often, so you do not have to enter the information every time you add a transaction.
Hopefully this blog gives you some ideas on how to setup Sage 300 ERP for efficient data entry and provides you with helpful keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your data entry.

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