Sage 300 adjustments during the Accounts Receivable (A/R) Receipt Entry

Apr 21 2015

In this blog we will assist you in performing an A/R Adjustment in Sage 300 to clear the remaining balance on a Customer’s Invoice under the following scenario:

  1. The customer short paid; however the difference is considered immaterial and will be written off


  1. Create new Payment Batch

  2. Enter Batch Description

  3. Enter Batch Date

  4. Select Bank to which funds were deposited

  5. Click the new button next to the Deposit Number which will generate a deposit number and allow you to enter the actual deposit date; which will also be the transaction date in Bank Services

  6. Select Customer by typing customer number or using the Finder

  7. Enter an Entry Description

  8. Accept  change Receipt Date & Posting Date (determine fiscal period to which entry is posted)

  9. Enter Customer Number or use Finder icon to search

  10. Use the Finder icon to search and select Payment Code (method by which payment was made)

  11. Enter Check/Receipt No.

  12. Enter Receipt Amount

  13. Click the Go Button to display in grid below, all unpaid invoices for customer

  14. Double click in the Apply column on the row containing invoice to be paid; the full amount entered in the Receipt Amount field will be applied to the invoice


Entering the Write Off as an Adjustment

  1. Click the Adjust button appearing on the lower section of the Receipt Entry screen

    1. The following screen appears:

  1. Enter or select G/L Account or Dist. Code for Write Off

  2. Enter amount as Debit

    1. The corresponding entry will be an automatic Credit to the Accounts Receivable control account

  3. Click the Close button

  4. Click Add button to add entry to batch

  5. Repeat steps for multiple Receipts in a single batch

  6. Print and Post Receipt Batch on completion

For further assistance please contact Mantralogix at [email protected] or by calling 1-866-320-8922.  We are an authorized Sage partner with deep expertise in Sage 300.

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