Is there room for Mindfulness in the Workplace?

Mar 09 2017
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Unless you are super human, the things that happen in your personal life affect your mind no differently than things that happen in your work life. Meaning that you are the same person at work as you are at home. If we work to improve our minds, our personal life benefits AND our work life benefits.
Companies have certainly started to recognize and partner with their employees when it comes to physical health with many firms starting health and wellness programs. In 2015 Mantralogix purchased Fitbits for their employees and enjoyed a yearlong challenge encouraging team members to up their step count (sitting is the new smoking!).

Recognizing that we are all inundated with messages promoting healthy eating and exercise yet the cost to the economy of undetected and unreported mental stress is on the rise, Mantralogix decided to take an innovative approach for 2017.
Leveraging the research and work of Dr. Parmjit Singh ( Mantralogix team members now have the opportunity to participate in a 6 week Mindfulness Program right at work! Using simple techniques such as awareness of the breath, mindful eating, and body scanning Dr. Singh is working with participants to up the happiness quotas in their life. Lives that impact other lives. At home and at work.

The executive team at Mantralogix believes this is one of the most profound ways to invest in employee health and wellbeing. In fact, the research demonstrates the impact of a regular mindfulness practice on creativity, resilience, teamwork, focus, anxiety and stress levels. Combined with regular exercise, yoga and good eating habits, life becomes joyful instead of something people just tolerate.
We are on this planet for a reason – for some of us the reasons may be obvious while for the masses – well, we just don’t think about it. But we are here and we have a couple of choices. Be born, eat, sleep, work, and die. OR we can do all of those things and be engaged, be present, and live life to the max. Either way the last step is still die – but we can get there with a heart full of expanded love and compassion. It is a choice. And when we use the word love, it is not reserved for others. It includes, most importantly, love for self.
The truth is that the journey is not easy. Life is stressful and there’s lots to manage. But there are real and proactive steps that we can take that allow us to extract more joy and be fully engaged in the present.
Here is just one article on the subject – thousands of others exist.
Contact us if you would like more information about our program – we’d be happy to share our experience!

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