Review and Shortcuts for Microsoft Windows 10

Oct 05 2015

 It’s been nearly two months since Windows 10 debuted and the new operating system is likely one of Microsoft’s more significant moves in some time. In a departure from previous releases, Windows 10 is a free upgrade for most consumer versions for the first year. This means if you are running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 at home, it’s very likely that you can get your computer running Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system at no cost!

While many would say the advancement in the touch features of 8 are a game changer, scores of users complained about usability issues that resulted from the design focusing perhaps too much on touch. In 10, Microsoft has managed to dial back the features while not losing on the tablet experience. If anything, Windows 10 is able to work more naturally whether you choose a mouse or your fingers.

Security has also been tightened up in the new operating system and the new update feature plays a crucial role. Until now Windows updates promised users irritating reboot screens every second week of the month. The new release pushes updates on a more regular basis, keeping you up to date on the latest threats, all while allowing you to defer and precisely schedule reboots.

Many users say this is merely an upgrade to Windows 8.1, and there may be some truth to that depending on how updates will come from now on. However, compared to some of the recent attempts which can only be called somewhat rubbish, this latest operating system is quite good.

In order to help users get more familiar with the system Microsoft recently released a

Word document detailing the shortcut keys found within. Some of the new features include new modes for application switching and arrangements of the desktop to improve efficiency when navigating the desktop.

Additionally, Windows 10 now has virtual desktops (page 2 of shortcuts) that can help by organizing similar applications. For instance one virtual desktop can have all your work applications, while another is devoted to social media. Of course the best way to learn is to try the shortcuts out. As technical support people, of course we are fans of and highly recommend WindowsKey + ?.

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