Reduce Your Risks of Internet Connection Failure

What would you do if your Internet connection failed?  What impact would it have on your business?  What is your back up plan?


Most of us just assume that this will never happen but imagine if it did – the impact could be significant including downtime of your mission critical applications, loss of productivity for your user community and impact to costs/ your bottom line!

What’s the answer?  Implement a dual internet connection!  This will decrease system downtime, decrease trouble shooting time of the issues, increase user community  productivity (and hence decreasing the company’s payroll burden) and ensure the bottom line is not eroded.

So how do you go about doing this?  Follow these simple implementation steps:

  1. Subscribe to two different Internet Service Providers (ISP).  ILAP is a great option.

  2. Implement a commercial firewall (WatchGuard and Cisco have some great solutions).

  3. Connect both ISP modems to the same firewall.

  4. On the firewall configuration, setup the firewall policies to use both internet connections and load balance the internet traffic between the two internet connections.

It is also important to maintain this environment.

This approach makes managing your IT more efficient allowing you to get back to your core strengths.  Need help setting this up?  Contact or call Mantralogix at 1-866-320-8922 and we’d be pleased to assist you!\

We mentioned ILAP in this post. Interested in learning more about ILAP and connecting to your Blackberry? Check out this great post on our blog.

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