Reduce Information Overload with an ERP System

Aug 20 2015

In business, having a lot of data is a double-edged sword – it means that you have all the information you need to run your business more efficiently. It also means, however, that the amount of information to sort and analyze can be overwhelming and, if not done correctly, can lead to errors, incorrect conclusions and poor decisions.

wall_of_mediaThe good news is that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can “slice and dice” large amounts of data while compiling it, organizing it, analyzing it, and storing it. An ERP system also offers reporting tools and automation to help with the data-gathering process. The reporting tools allow the data to be broken down into easy-to-understand formats and delivered as needed. The automation feature allows you to set up tasks that occur automatically, requiring you to spend less time looking at certain types of data.

In an article entitled “The Problem With Too Much Data & Data Overload,” author Ed Bonaski suggests that businesses invest in a group of people to focus on the ERP system.

He also offers several tips for keeping big data under control:

  • stay focused on your objective
  • collect relevant data
  • question the source
  • test theories before adopting them 

Another article, this one from the Entrepreneur magazine, entitled “4 Steps to Navigate the Rough Waters of Information Overload,” suggests that the problem can be managed by breaking down the process with selective meetings.

You can get too much information in a meeting too, of course, so go into them with a plan. “We are meeting to resolve issue X and we will do so by exploring possible solutions Y and Z.” You need enough information to meet your goals, but not so much that you get bogged down and can’t move forward.

“Information overload” has become a true phenomenon, a topic of much discussion and study. Avoid being bogged down with too much data by getting an ERP system to help you collect, organize, and analyze the information you need to grow your business.

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