Ready to migrate your old ERP (including Excel) to a new platform?

Jun 29 2017
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The Mantralogix team has years of experience in migrations (from Sage PFW, Sage BV, Sage 50, Excel, other non-Sage ERPs) and implementing new Sage ERP platforms for our customers.


But why do companies need a new ERP platform in the first place?  Great question!  Here are some of the reasons customers have approached us to support their change:

  1. Excel just isn’t cutting it anymore – we have had companies of significant size and complexity relying on Excel for many years.  It served them well until they realized that they just weren’t a startup anymore! Complexity, size, efficiency, risk are all factors for companies that realized Excel is an amazing tool but was never designed to run the critical functions ERP applications are targeted at managing.

  1. Not all ERP platforms are created equal.  Different ERP platforms are ideal for different types of companies.  nbsp;Sage recognizes this and offer a variety of platforms.  Considerations are size of the company, complexity, industry, compliance, customizations, etc.  What might be ideal for you as a startup is quite different than what fulfills your requirements years later.  Maybe your business strategy has evolved and you have new needs not previously contemplated.  Perhaps you need to consider new integrations with other applications. Reviewing whether your ERP platform is meeting your current needs is an important exercise to undertake every 5 years or so.

  1. We all know that the rate of technology continues to speed ahead and that includes the underlying language ERPs are written in.  As new technologies emerge it doesn’t make sense to keep updating older ERPs so instead some are retired.  For example, in 2014 Sage retired Platinum for Windows (PFW).  Again the right ERP to move into (migrate to) will depend on what your needs are.  Sage BusinessVision Accounting is another example of an ERP written on dated technology. It could be that your ERP is too old to even accept Microsoft patches.

We’ve experienced our fair share of migrations from one system to another.  Some are Sage to Sage, Excel to Sage, other publisher to Sage.  Regardless of the specifics, we know the key steps that are needed to make the migration successful.  Data is clearly a key part of the migration and we have built several tools to make this efficient and low risk.

Research has shown that over 65% of Sage customers realized a return on investment on their business management solutions in less than 12 months. Buying Sage is a good investment!

Ready to consider alternatives to PFW, BV, Excel, or other enterprise platforms?  Call us at 1-866-320-8922 – we are migration specialists and we’d love to speak with you.  For us it’s personal; not just business!

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