Ransomware and Cloud Based Antispam Solutions

May 18 2017
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The rise of ransomware is calling for extra security measures! According to Trend Micro, “Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system, either by locking the system’s screen or by locking the users’ files unless a ransom is paid. More modern ransomware families, collectively categorized as crypto-ransomware, encrypt certain file types on infected systems and forces users to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods to get a decrypt key.” To learn more about ransomware, you can visit this page.
One of the most common ways of getting hit with ransomware is through emails. They normally come in the form of an attachment (usually a zip file); once opened, a script runs in the background encrypting all documents it can access, including documents on network shares. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a link in an email. One of our clients had the same email sent to four employees! Three of them decided that the email looks suspicious and deleted it. It took only one of the four to open the attachment, to get hit by ransomware and encrypt 120GB of data in 30 minutes! Talk about fast.
One of the counter measures is to utilize cloud-based hosted antispam and email filtering solutions. But which is right for you? Since there are several benefits for using similar solutions, here is a list of what we think you need to know:

  1. It prevents spam emails from being delivered to your email server and thus acts as an extra layer of security. 
  2. It improves email servers performance as it does all initial processing, scanning for spam and viruses, checking if the email address exists or not, before delivering them to the email server. 
  3. In case of any internet or power outage on company premises, no emails are lost, as they are queued up on the cloud servers until the issue is resolved, then they are delivered to the email server.

Protect your company by adding this extra layer of security! It only takes a second. If you’re considering cloud-based hosted antispam solutions, we can help! Contact us today.

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