Procore: Your Next All-In-One Construction Software Solution

Oct 25 2018
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When your customers are less than impressed by your technology, it can seriously harm the success of your construction business. This stems from Microsoft’s study which concluded that if a business used outdated technology, 90% of its consumers would consider taking their business elsewhere. Specifically to a company that is more innovative in comparison. In fact, they also found that outdated technology can tarnish a brand because it can cause a lack of credibility as work can be riddled with errors, such as incorrect data entry if users must enter data multiple times across a variety of programs. But as technology continues to advance, it’s worth mentioning ways that businesses, specifically those within the construction industry, can anticipate whether they need to update their software.


Some Signs You May Need To Review What Software You’re Using

Do you find yourself performing double data entry?

Do very few, or none of your applications or programs interact with one another?

Do you find it hard to collaborate with your team in real-time?

Is it difficult to gain complete financial oversight and control from in the office and the field?

Is it only possible to mitigate risks and real-time data from a single device in comparison to a variety of devices?

Are you continually seeing other technology outshining your current software choice?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, it could be time for you to rethink the software you’re using for your construction business as new technology and intel are allowing businesses more freedom than ever before. Not only can new technology help improve the innovative nature of your business, but it can help limit errors from happening! With that being said, Procore may be exactly what your construction business needs to thrive in your industry.


Procore, is an all-in-one construction software that is the solution to any real-time project management, quality and safety, construction financials, and field productivity jobs. It can not only provide real-time data, but it also allows for single data entry, connectivity, and collaboration across your team. Keeping productivity at an all-time high so you can do more to better your customers and the success of your business.

For more information about how your current technology and software may be harming your construction business, contact our Support Team! We’ll be happy to show you exactly what innovative software, such as Procore, can do for you and how it has helped others!

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