It’s A New Year, So It’s Time For New Software: Procore

Jan 18 2019
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The new year is officially upon us! With that being said, now is a great time to look at your business and review what is working, what isn’t working, and what you may need to change if you want to truly be successful in 2019.


While you’re starting to make some yearly goals, it’s worth mentioning how updated, and improved software can change the way your business functions. Specifically, the partnership of Sage and Procore Integrations, as it’s something that every business in the construction industry needs to be aware of.


Sage and Procore Integrations


The enhancements of Sage (300 CRE and 100) being integrated with Procore can offer businesses something different regardless of their size or trade. Ultimately, it can enhance their ability to function by simplifying working and boosting workflow as the two platforms easily talk to each other. Allowing critical information not only to be real-time, but easily exchanged. So imagine, how using this integration can allow you to have more at your disposal, without having to jump between applications, the next time you need to gain information to complete tasks.


Integrating with Sage 100 And Sage 300 CRE


Sage 100 and 300, are industry-specific solutions that allow you to deliver and organize crucial information related to job cost, project information, profitability, and success, for small, mid, and large-sized businesses. While on their own, they can allow for intelligence reporting, seamless accounting, and improved management, their benefits are taken a step further when they are synced with Procore. Syncing Sage with Procore can provide one source of truth to improve accuracy in regards to data entry. This is because it allows the data that is initially entered, to be accessed across multiple systems. Meaning, the information you input into Procore for project management, minimizing risk, or facilitating accurate projections, can now be directly tied to the data you enter through Sage. Making it easier to monitor the financial health of projects, and your company.


While every business will see different benefits, there are two specific benefits that businesses will encounter almost immediately. Firstly, it will allow for a single source of truth. This is because the two solutions are now able to be linked together, as previously mentioned. Meaning, where there once was the possibility for error due to multiple data entries needing to occur, you now only need to enter data once. Allowing for field and office teams to be on the same page. Second, as you can assume from reducing the number of times data needs to be entered, risk and errors are mitigated in regards to data accuracy. Providing you with the ability to stay more informed while making crucial business decisions.

While these are only a few of the benefits that businesses can see when they implement Sage and Procore Integrations, it’s important that as a business owner, you are aware of them all. So please, if you’re interested in learning more about how Procure integrations can help your business grow in 2019, contact a Mantralogix Representative today.

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