Proactive Monitoring of your IT Investment: Remote Management & Monitoring

Aug 24 2015

Imagine that you had an Internet outage overnight. You would only come to realize this when you got to work the next morning. What would you do? You’d start by contacting your Internet service provider to resolve the issue of course. The impact of all of this could mean many things including lost productivity for your staff, delayed email delivery, time lost, frustration, etc.

But it doesn’t have to be so! You could leverage Remote Monitoring and Management systems (RMM), which is becoming more and more popular for small and medium sized businesses, and is no longer a luxury. For you, it means more productivity and less down time. It means you stay on top of things, or in other words, handle IT infrastructure issues proactively.

Unfortunately several of our clients have experienced such overnight Internet outages. As those outages occurred after regular hours, our clients did not even know about them. Since the Mantralogix team has implemented RMM systems for all of our clients to closely monitor their IT infrastructure, we received alerts within minutes notifying us of those issues. Our on-call staff immediately got in touch with responsible service providers and issues were resolved before the new business day even started! You can only imagine how happy our clients were, to come in the morning and start their work without interruption. Remote_Monitoring_and_Management__Relief_for_IT_Organizations

RMM systems do not only monitor Internet connectivity but a lot more! From servers to switches, routers, printers and desktops, RMM systems check, at regular intervals, the health of network devices. They report on processor utilization, memory usage, critical operating system services, hard drive free space and a lot more!

At Mantralogix we proactively watch your IT infrastructure, so that you can have peace of mind and a better night’s sleep! Call us at 1-866-320-8922 if you would like to learn more!

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