Successful Businesses Prevent Security Breaches

Aug 13 2018
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For many businesses to stay leaders within their industry, they often adopt new, innovative technologies to not only improve their daily tasks but allow them to offer more to their clients. But what many business owners who are doing this overlook, are the associated risks that new technology can bring, and the work they must do to prevent these risks from affecting their company. Specifically speaking about how the Internet of Things, Automation and Artificial Intelligence can leave many vulnerable to be unable to prevent security breaches. While it’s evident that you need to stay innovative to be successful, you must as well act preventatively to stay successful.


You Can’t Set It And Forget It

When was the last time you updated or reviewed your cybersecurity? Some business owners can’t answer this as they often look at their cybersecurity as a ‘set it and forget it’ task. Meaning, once they install or implement it, they assume it will protect them without having to adjust any settings or review its progress. Ultimately leaving them vulnerable and unable to prevent security breaches as cybercriminals are constantly changing their methods to overcome basic security measures. So even though you implemented the right protocol to protect your business, you need always to monitor and adjust it (or hire an experienced team) to ensure that you’re keeping up with the ever-changing methods that hackers and cybercriminals are using to gain access.


Educate Employees

As it’s been reported that employee negligence causes more than 40% of security breaches, you need always to educate, train and inform your team about cybersecurity and their role within it. This varies from not only holding ongoing educational meetings and on-boarding training when someone is first hired, but adequately vetting employees before hiring them so you can feel confident that they will maintain your cybersecurity rather than allow for a breach to occur. This can’t be overlooked as many are unaware of what phishing scams look like, how hackers try to gain access or what malware and ransomware even are. So when you break down the barrier that a lack of information puts up by training your team about cybersecurity, you can, in fact limit the number of employees who may be fooled by phishing scams or other common tactics that cybercriminals use. Eliminating the ‘low hanging fruit’ that they often target.


Use The Right Tools And Protocols

Using the right security tools is only the first step to prevent security breaches within your company. Without the right technology and IT team, you risk being unable to limit and even repair damage that occurs if you suffer from a breach. Often damage can come in the form of tarnished reputations and stolen customer information. While some businesses employ their own full-time staff to protect their business, some see a more significant benefit in outsourcing this task to companies whose sole purpose is IT maintenance and servicing. Often, you get what you pay for, so be wary if you’re moving forward with a cheaper, less experienced option rather than an experienced company like Mantralogix who knows how to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build.


The second step to prevent security breaches is to follow protocol when it comes to the technology you or your IT team are implementing. Specifically following login or access regulations and updating software whenever there is a new update available. Continually creating hard-to-guess passwords that use phrases, numbers, characters and both upper as well as lower case letters that are reset periodically and are unique to each user ensures that the task of gaining unpermitted access, is difficult or not possible. Additionally, you need to follow protocols for updating or changing software to ensure that your technology is protected. Failing to use up-to-date and supported software leaves your device at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals as much of the updates focus on improving its security.


Respond Quickly

While it’s difficult to guarantee that you’ll never encounter a security breach if you follow these tips, its crucial to make moves to restore your cybersecurity the second you’re notified of a breach. Failing to act fast or waiting to act puts you at risk for having more information stolen, or more components of your system breached. Ultimately putting more of your customers at risk. So if you limit and quickly solve the breach, you can limit the number of people affected and the amount of trust that may be lost. So rather than abiding by the norm of businesses who put nearly 80% of security budgets towards security protection to prevent security breaches and 10% towards detection, it should be more evenly distributed so if there is a problem, it can quickly be resolved with a predetermined Response Plan.

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