My Summer Internship at Mantralogix

Aug 28 2015

 I walked into the Mantralogix office on June 10th not knowing what was in store for this summer. One thing was for sure, I was given an opportunity that many people in my position could only dream of. The Mantralogix office was a familiar place for me as I worked part time with the company for the duration of my senior year of high school. My role at the company involved maintaining the Sage CRM program by inputting information and ensuring all data in our vendor and customer company profiles was accurate and up to date.


I expected that this is what I would be doing for the extent of the summer.  Instead, the moment I walked in, my manager Jessica greeted me with a card and Mantralogix credentials. She also had a document entitled “Goals for 2015 summer.” At that moment, I knew that I was part of the team with a real place in this company.

This summer I was able to achieve many of the goals Jessica and I set out for myself. My main objective during this three-month period was to ensure that the company became completely cloud based. To do this I collected documents and company files that we have had for almost 20 years. I created profiles for each company in our CRM system as well as documenting our relationship with each. Another assignment of mine was something that would allow me to really jump out of my comfort zone.

Throughout the summer, Jessica gave me the opportunity to contact companies who showed interest in Mantralogix’s products and services. I spoke to these people about different promotions and how Mantralogix’s broad spectrum of services could benefit them going forward. One of my favorite topics to talk about was our ability to get rid of those nasty “zombies” in a company’s server environment. Talking to people on the phone while representing Mantralogix was challenging and exciting, however, I was able to really come into my own and have great conversations with many potential clients. These projects as well as many others kept me very busy throughout the summer.

One of the highlights of my summer was attending sales meetings with our sales executive, Jazz. As a student entering my first year at Queens University’s Bachelor of Commerce program, I am eager for experiences that will help me shape my career path. Acting as a scribe, I was able to see first hand how business meetings are held, as well as how deals are completed. It is crazy how much I learned about the world of sales in these trips with Jazz and I cannot thank the Mantralogix team enough for letting me be a part of it!

The group of people that make up Mantralogix really made my experience special. They are all open minded, extremely smart and welcoming, while being very skilled at what they do. Each member took time out of his or her busy schedule to speak with me about my work, my personal goals and even help me out when I needed it. Being such a diverse group from all over the world, I will never forget stories that the team members told me about their upbringing and their hometowns. Each member taught me little bits about their culture, food, and family allowing us to grow very close. I will also miss our weekly company softball games very much. To date, we haven’t had the best outcomes, however, we certainly have had a lot of fun.

Being a member of the Mantralogix team this summer was one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had. Not only did I enhance by skills in CRM as well as Microsoft Excel, but I also developed intangible skills such as problem solving and perseverance. I will miss so many things when I leave for my first semester of university this fall. Samosas and sweets in the kitchen, the never ending birthday cakes and even the softball games that we usually struggled through. Most of all, I will miss being treated as one of the family, and for that, I can’t thank the entire Mantralogix staff enough. I am very eager to apply the lessons I learned at Mantralogix into future endeavors. I know that what I learned here will allow me to tackle all challenges and embrace all opportunities I may come across in the future.

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