MantraVision 2015: A Technology Conference with a Heart!

Oct 27 2015

Almost two years ago, during our annual strategic planning exercise, sitting in the Mantralogix boardroom, we put it “out there”!  We gave ourselves the goal of hosting our first ever full day customer appreciation event!  Like all good goals should have, we also established a timeframe to work toward.  We said we’d hold it in the Fall of 2015.  And voila! The goal was set, the planning was done, and the event was held!  (Okay, there were a few more steps along the way…but truly that’s the basic framework).


Sure there are things we’ll do differently next year but overall we are thrilled with the results and thrilled that so many of our customers, partners, and team members joined us for MantraVision 2015.  With approximately 70 guests in total, we are grateful for how the day unfolded!  Here are some highlights:

  • Over 13 learning sessions held with a variety of speakers on topics such as Sage ERP and CRM updates, 3rd party application updates, leveraging LinkedIn for sales, Excel Tips and Tricks, government funding options for technology adoption, and an overview of where small business is going in Canada

  • Networking with people from a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, professional services, hospitality, medical and dental services, retail, legal, IT and much more!

  • The inaugural viewing of Mantralogix’s 20-year anniversary celebratory video

  • Our guests donated $700 to Eden Food for Change – and Mantralogix matched it and rounded up – as a group we proudly presented Executive Director, Bill Crawford $1500!

  • We celebrated with cocktails and cake – after all – 20 years in business is worth celebrating!

  • Of course, what is a conference without prizes? Along with all the goodies kindly offered by our sponsors, we also gave away an iPhone 6, VISA gift cards, and Sage briefcases!

The feedback has been amazing from our team members, customers, and partners!  One overriding theme shared with us is the level of appreciation in the room!

How does that happen at a technology conference? Well, I believe it stems from a group of people coming together for the genuine purpose of helping each other out!  You could truly feel the level of respect, comradery, desire to learn, desire to share to further each person’s life, even if in just some small way.

One of our partners summed it up beautifully “A number of customers expressed their gratitude to the Mantralogix team for the business advice, coaching, “technical wizardry” and overall “honest partnering”.

Another guest commented, “The event was certainly a successful celebration of a truly inspiring company that has always put people first!”

Please check out our MantraVision Highlights Video here!

While we would love to take all the credit for such a successful event, we are but one part of the relationship. Having deep relationships with customers, partners, and team members takes committed and interested people on both sides of the equation.  Yes, we happen to be a technology company, but our true purpose is helping people.  MantraVision was a day of doing just that!

Next week at our Fiscal 2016 strategic planning session, you can be sure we’ll be setting even bigger goals for MantraVision 2016!  I hope you will join us!

Interested in checking out the slides from the event? Look no further! 

The 3 Areas You Need To Change Right Now To Increase Sales Using LinkedIn
Sage 300 2016 Intelligence Reporting
The Need for Efficiency and Effectiveness
What’s New In Sage X3
How to Manage Projects the Profitable Way Using Sage CRM
How Big is Small Business
Excel Tips and Tricks

Watch the event highlights here

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