• Manny Stavrakis joins Mantralogix as new IT Services Manager


Mantralogix is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member, Manny Stavrakis in the role of IT Services Manager effective immediately.  Manny is a great addition to the high performing team at Mantralogix.

“I have worked as an IT professional for almost 20 years and I possess expertise in a very wide range of IT systems.  I have worked in small to medium to large corporate organizations covering Financial, IT services, Retail, Energy, Legal and Manufacturing industries both in an Internal capacity as well as in external outsourcing services capacity. I recently came to a point in my career that I was looking to join a company that is growing and that possesses strong leadership minded values; a company in which I could be part of their success and grow along with them.

After looking at Mantralogix and meeting with their leadership, it was pretty obvious to me that Mantralogix possesses all the qualities and more which I was looking for to top off my career in Information Technology.  I was offered the position of Manager, IT Services. Now I am part of a great team and our focus is to have the strongest possible customer service oriented group of individuals who lead with teamwork, always trying to make a difference and putting our customers first”.