Make Choosing an ERP Easier By Doing These 5 Things

Jul 16 2015

Technology has changed the face of global business. The digital collection and management of data is the blood flow of businesses now – filing cabinets and paper files are going the way of the dodo bird. Better software allows businesses to run more efficiently and to offer better customer service, which increases profits and improves the bottom line.

ERP_diceRight now, the key business technology trend is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP systems are the best way to collect, organize, and view data. In the past, ERPs were expensive and cumbersome and mostly used by very large enterprise corporations. New developers have stepped forward, however, and now enterprise-class ERP systems are available for small- and medium-sized businesses as well, at a price point geared to that market.

If you want to get an ERP system, there are several things to consider. Choosing an ERP system and implementing it is not necessarily an easy undertaking. While the outcome will inevitably help your business, you’ll need to have a well-thought-out plan in place before beginning.

Here are some things to do:

Bring your project managers onboard.

Let them do a virtual run-through of a process on the system you are considering to get their input. A program is only as good as those using it, and those using it will only be good if they’re happy.

Look carefully at your business processes.

That means following each transaction from beginning to end. Review everything from the supply chain to the machinery to the people who handle the tasks.

Identify gaps.

As technology changes and processes are refined, problems may appear that you weren’t anticipating – one small adjustment can change the way a process occurs, which can affect everything down the line.

Consider customization.

Talk to your ERP vendor about customizing the out-of-the-box software to meet your individual needs.

Don’t make price overly important.

While price is obviously an important consideration, try not to make it the main consideration. Your ERP system is like another employee, and you wouldn’t hire a half qualified employee just to save money, would you? The benefits you’ll receive from the right ERP system will far outweigh the cost.

For more information about selecting the ERP system that will best suit your company needs, contact Mantralogix today.


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