Love Excel? Don’t Despair – Sage ERP Products Let You Keep It

Apr 30 2015

If you use multiple financial programs, are constantly updating Excel spreadsheets, or are doing a lot of manual entries, you’re at a disadvantage to the companies that use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This is because more than one financial program requires duplicate entries and Excel spreadsheets require updates and manual entries, all of which can waste time and energy and present more opportunities for errors.

If you don’t want to abandon Excel but do want an ERP system, don’t despair – you can have both with a Sage ERP product. Used correctly, in fact, Excel can play an integral part of data entry, tracking, and report generation.

spreadsheetIn offices that don’t use ERP systems, data typically resides on multiple computers in multiple locations – or in a single location available to a few select users. Neither scenario is ideal, as they limit both the accuracy and availability of data. Sage solutions, however, gather important data and store it in a single database, no matter where the data originated.

Sage Intelligence is a reporting tool allowing you to generate reports by selecting the parameters necessary to filter the correct data within the financial module. You can then choose to have the report displayed in an Excel format, which the system’s layout generator creates.

All reports can then be distributed in several formats: Excel, PDF, or HTML. Users can choose from a number of email templates, and files can be saved to DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, or to a file server. Customizable dashboards are also available to those who wish to continuously monitor data, or have access to a quick snapshot of the health of your business

In short, Sage ERP product users spend less time searching for and manipulating data and more time and analyzing it, and using it to make better decisions and drive growth in their business.

Looking for a specific solution to your business management needs? Contact Mantralogix to learn about our team of professional Sage consultants and how they can help you get the tools you need to move forward into a profitable 2015.

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