Learning about IT Careers at Take Our Kids to Work Day

Nov 13 2013

mantaj at mantralogix
The Mantralogix team loved participating in The Learning Partnership’s Take Our Kids to Work™ day for the second year in a row! This is The Learning Partnership’s signature program involving more than 250,000 Grade 9 students annually.   The program is now in its 19th year and provides grade 9 students with the opportunity to experience and learn about the world of work as they begin to explore possible career paths.
Our participant this year was Mantaj, a grade 9 student at Applewood Heights in Mississauga, Ontario.  Mantaj spent time with each Mantralogix team member hearing about their educational and career history and how their choices have helped them to be successful in their current roles.  She was also treated to a special lunch by Michelle and Charito, 2 very successful career women!
After her day, Mantaj shared “Mantralogix has helped me learn different skills that will help me in my future career. I have learnt that there are many different jobs in IT and that each job is essential in a business. I have enjoyed career day at Mantralogix as they have provided me with information which will be able to benefit me in my career pathway. I have realized that strong communication is needed in a work place as well as healthy relationships with workers and customers.  I would like to thank Kerry and Jess Mann and the entire team behind Mantralogix who took the time to describe their career skills.”
More than 250,000 Grade nine students and at least 75,000 businesses and organizations nationwide participate in Take Our Kids to Work day annually. The Learning Partnership began running this program in 1994 in Ontario and it has since grown into a national program that reaches students in all provinces and territories across the country.
Research suggests that today’s students will have multiple careers over the span of their working years. They will need to master both new technologies and complex social and organizational systems.  They will also need to be prepared with the educational tools and experiences that will be necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace.
Mantralogix is proud to be a participant in this fabulous program and support our community, and students in learning about IT careers.  Our team was very impressed with Mantaj and all the relevant questions that she asked!  We encourage all of partners, vendors, and customers to host a student next year!  It’s a great investment and you’ll be amazed just how much you will learn from a grade 9 student!

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