Kris Szabo Joins Mantralogix as Senior Systems Administrator!

Nov 12 2014
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IMG_0063We are so pleased to announce that Kris Szabo has joined the Mantralogix team in the capacity of a senior systems administrator.  Kris has experience designing, deploying, and maintaining all facets of IT systems. Kris began his career designing and deploying systems for GE in the Lighting and SuperAbraisives businesses, before shifting to managing infrastructure and designing business continuity processes with the resource management teams at Morgan Stanley. Most recently, he plied his craft as a security analyst on the production network for one of Canada’s top internet service providers.

Kris has developed his technical skills at Johns Hopkins University and brings a Bachelor of Science from Herzing University with a focus on IT Management. He has worked with all sizes of companies in North America to refine their IT services to bring dependable value to their investments. His personal interests include technology, Asian cultures, and linguistics. Kris devotes much of what free time he has to the Japanese Canadian community.

“I am looking forward to the great things we can achieve with my team. This is a team that desires to improve and optimize the our systems, and more importantly the experience for the clients those systems serve. I am looking forward to working together with the Mantralogix team to bring value to every interaction.”

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