Internet Speed – Am I getting what I pay for?

May 03 2016
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It is best to inquire with your internet service provider about the speed associated with your internet subscription. 

Internet speed


Before doing so, we recommend you run a simple speed test.  Below are some useful websites for this purpose:

1. If your speed test results are much slower than your actual internet package stipulates, check the following before blaming it on your service provider!

 – Run the same test from a different computer or device (smartphone, or tablet).

 – Run the speed test from a computer that is directly connected to your router via an ethernet cable rather than wireless. 

 – Run speed tests at different times of the day. Since several houses would normally be sharing the same line, speeds may vary during the day depending on the internet usage from other places around you.

 – Scan your computer for viruses and other malware.

 – Check the hardware specifications of your computer. If you are using a fairly old one, chances are the hardware performance is. your overall browsing experience.

 – Try changing the wireless broadcast channel on your router. This could vastly improve your wireless connection performance. You may need to contact your service provider to help you change the channel.

 – You may be using an old wireless router that only supports lower speeds.

2. If all checks out, contact your service provider to report the slow internet performance. You might be having one or several of the following issues:

  –  You are using an old modem that is not capable of supporting the speed you are paying for-this is quite common! Service providers would normally be able to identify this instantly and send you a replacement modem.

  –  There might be noise on the line.  Service providers are normally able to run their own tests to confirm this and would send you a technician to either replace the line or resolve the issue.

Ask your service provider if they are “throttling” your line. Some service providers slow down (throttle) certain types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer traffic (torrents). In other cases, when your usage reaches a certain threshold, the internet provider may slow down your connection for the rest of the month.

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