Internet Issues

Nov 10 2016

Do you constantly face internet issues at your office? Does it always seem like just when you need internet access the most, there is nothing there? Maybe people are streaming and slowing your speeds down.

When asked, most people don’t know what their internet upload/download speeds are, or how it affects them and their work.


The upload/download speeds reflect the package that was purchased from your ISP, or your internet service provider. This will tell you what you are and aren’t  able to do at your office.

I just ran a speedtest for our office (bearing in mind that we just recently moved our office from our old location at 245 Matheson Blvd. East, all the way next door to 267 Matheson Blvd. East Suite 5). Currently, we have a temporary DSL connection instead of our 20MB fiber; our download speed was 14.64 Mbps, and our upload speed was 2.53 Mbps.


The download speeds get affected every time someone logs onto the internet to stream sports, listen to their favourite music, or even simply to watch a video on Facebook or YouTube. The upload speed gets affected when data is being transferred out to the Internet, such as a Facebook picture update, or you’re running your cloud backup in the background.

The next time you find your speeds slowing down, and you know what speeds you are experiencing and they don’t seem to be right, take a stroll around your office to see if someone is streaming video or listening to online radio stations and you may have found the reason behind your lagging internet problem.

Know what your environment requires before deciding how much bandwidth you need for uploading and downloading speeds, ask a qualified network engineer, and you will find one at Mantralogix. We will ensure that you get the best option available to you.

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