Import Receipts in Sage 300

Data entry has always been a nightmare when you don’t have the right tool to import thousands of entries. Who wants the frustration (and chance of errors) of manual data entry when you can go an alternate route? While various Sage ERP products offer import templates for many entry functions, there are many more functions without import templates that are readily available. At Mantralogix, we have many clients utilizing Sage 300 who required a tool that allows for importing bulk payment receipt entries into the Accounts Receivable (AR) module.

Here is a simple and an efficient tool we have built that only needs 2 clicks and 2 minutes to pull 1000 receipts into Sage 300. This tool not only pulls the receipt entries but also updates the appropriate invoices in the system!  Not bad!

A quick look at the tool:

  1. Firstly, enter (copy and paste) all the receipt details into Excel in a prescribed format.


  1. The import facility is readily available in the AR transaction screen.




  1. Select the company and deposit date.



  1. This is where the program takes over and does the following steps (5-10)

  2. Verifies the Excel data with the Sage 300 records.

  3. Imports the receipt entries to Sage 300

  4. Creates a new batch for those entries

  5. Creates header details for each customer

  6. Applies the entries to the available open invoices for the appropriate customer if no invoice number is provided in the excel

  7. Adds the receipt values as prepayments if there are no outstanding invoices for the customer

  1. The batch is now ready for posting.


Entries successfully uploaded!

We are really proud of this tool and even more excited to help you eliminate hundreds of manual entries.  Let us help you recover time and reduce errors.  Call us for more information at 1-866-320-8922.

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