How to schedule a recurring task in Sage X3

One of the many cool features of Sage X3 is that it allows you to schedule repetitive tasks to run at specified times. The tasks can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly at a specific time.

Here’s an example based on one of our customers who had a requirement to run MRP (Material Requirements Planning) processing unattended at 6:00 am, every day except Saturday and Sunday.  We were able to set that up and schedule it using “Recurring Tasks Management” in Sage X3.

Here’s how we did it:

Recurring Task Management is launched from Usage->Batch Server.

Recurring Tasks


In the above example, the recurring task code is MRP.  Anything can be entered here. The description was also entered by the user to describe the task. The folder needs to be selected from which the job will be run. The user code is defaulted to the current user but could be any user with access rights to run the scheduled task.

All the mandatory fields in the above screen are marked with “*” asterisk. The Task Code contains the actual X3 function that is to be scheduled and in our case that was “FUNMRP” which is the function for running “MRP Processing”.

Periodicity defines whether the task is to be run weekly or monthly. In our case as the MRP needed to be run on week days only, it was selected as “Weekly”.



Monday to Friday has been selected with specific time to run at 6:00 am. Up to three separate times could be specified for the task to run within a single day.  With the above definition, we were able to run MRP, unattended during non-office hours and the results were available to the purchase and production planners first thing in the morning!  Not a bad way to start the day!

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